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Paulina Garces had her break in Los Angeles as an actress, in the t.v show for a renowned radio personality, EL SHOW DE DON CHETO, broadcast by ESTRELLA TV NETWORK in Los Angeles. After only three months of doing sketch comedy in the show, she is given the amazing opportunity of co-hosting the show with Don Cheto himself. Things will only get better for her as she was offered to co-host her own t.v show a dating reality game called, “Buscando Amor Desafio”,  a show that aired  in Dallas, Houston, San Diego, and Los Angeles every day with over 1’000.000 viewers and the # 3 rated show in Los Angeles for that time slot.
After working in this project for a year, the network decided to call this project to an end to develop new content, an opportunity that provided her with the possibility to broaden her professional background, working as a freelancer for several t.v stations and productions companies, like Azteca America, Telemundo, Di Lucca Productions, MDM Advertising, Ragatza Models among others. In addition to this, she decided to improve her acting training by enrolling in a two-year program at Joanne Baron’s Acting Studio, a world-renowned Meisner school that she graduated from in July 2009.
In March 2010, she is invited to join LATV’s family as the host of MEX 2 THE MAX, a music show that specializes in the world of Regional Mexican music. After doing a season with this incredible show, she is offered the opportunity to host EN LA ZONA, an entertainment weekly show that airs nationwide that specializes in music and everything that pertains to entertainment.

BIO | Paulina Garces | United StatesIbikini

Paulina was born in Medellin, Colombia on August 20. She finished her High school education and then moved to Bogotá to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Government and International relations.  After one year she realizes she wants to pursue a career in the Entertainment industry and moves to Miami to Study Modeling at Jhon Casablancas Modeling School and Agency. After two years in Miami, she returns to Bogotá, Colombia to get her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Javeriana University. While she was obtaining her degree, she worked as a model and actress for different Colombian T.V shows like Ecomoda, Expedientes among others. In 2002 she moved to San Francisco, California to finish her degree and write her thesis project, “Feminine Sexuality through American Independent Film”, a project that awarded her an honorable mention at her university in Colombia. After six years of hard work, she obtained her bachelor’s degree from Javeriana University and moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles to pursue her career as a T.V host and actress.

t.v hostIllatinaIcolombianIactress
t.v hostIllatinaIcolombianIactress

Paulina also appeared in Lewis Teague’s latest short film called “Cantahondo” awarded film director known for movies like The Jewel of the Nile and a joint Ad campaign by Univision and Carl’s Jr. that features her as the protagonist of a soap opera called “Deseos”.  She also had the incredible opportunity to work in a couple of episodes with acclaimed Mexican actress Kate del Castillo in Univision’s first web soap opera called “VIDAS CRUZADAS”.
Her latest project, "Remexa", a Regional Mexican music T.Vshow with Viacom MTV Tr3s, aired for two years for a total of 400 episodes. 
As a spokesmodel, Paulina has been the image of major brands such as Mercedes Benz (Colombia), Anheuser-Busch, Golden Boy productions and Tecate, and is the current host and spokesperson for several local businesses.
Paulina lives in between Los Angeles and Bogota,  and spends her leisure time, spinning, doing yoga,  reading, writing and constantly working in her acting craft and

career,  a passion that has always filled her heart.
Paulina Garces is a passionate woman that gives only her best to everything she does.

I did T.V Hosting for approximately 13 years in Los Angeles after obtaining a Degree in Communications from the Javeriana University  in Colombia. I also graduated in 2009 from a two-year Meisner Training program at Joanne Baron's D.W Brown Acting Studio.

Following a link to

My updated Actress Demo

As a T.V Host,  I had the opportunity to be the main talent on three national television shows for different networks.

Following a link to my most recent work for MTV TR3S REMEXA, a national Mexican regional music show that aired 400 episodes for more than 2 years.

Updated Hosting Reel 

I continue to train as an actress to work in my craft constantly. I just finished a character creation workshop with Victoria Hernandez, following a link to the final exercise of the workshop.

Character Interpretation Workshop

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